MTG Online Content Creation


In a world dealing with the emergence and resulting lifestyle changes from COVID-19, more and more TCG players (and stores!) are embracing online platforms as a way to get their TCG fix. Whether it's playing on MTG Arena, or Spelltable, or even just webcam games with friends, the comfort of home and the Internet are more important than ever.

On the flipside, content creators have also risen and galvanised to meet the demand, and we have also seen a growth in online content creation to deal with a socially-distanced community in a community-driven game. We're even trying it ourselves! 

We have begun a partnership with Esmond Heng and his Youtube channel BasicallyMTG and together, under his expertise, we've launched Games Haven - the official Youtube channel, as well as supporting his content creation at his own channel, Quintessential MTG! Esmond has been creating content locally for his channel for quite a while and has a great deal of experience under his belt, so we're very excited to be partnering with him! All of us have a good bit of content planned for you, so do watch our spaces and do consider subscribing to the channel!

Check out the dropdown menu to link to our channel as well as to check out other local content creators! We would like to do our part to promote local content creators since they are our own uniquely Singaporean community members, and as such we would like to invite any aspiring (or growing) TCG content creator to reach out to us and perhaps we may reach a mutually beneficial arrangement to grow the local online content scene! If you would like to contact us, do drop us a message on our Facebook page at!