2024 Stamp Card Discount Voucher

In 2024, we are updating how our returning player/customer stamp card works! Now, filling up each stamp card will entitle you to a redemption of 3 things - a Set/Play Booster for a current MTG set or an equivalently priced FAB Booster pack, a ticket that can be used to play in one of any of our Monthly events for the 2024 Championship Circuit, and a discount voucher. This page elaborates on the discount voucher, the last of these 3.



The discount voucher allows the holder to exchange it for a one-time purchase of a sales item at its listed discounted price. The benefit is limited to one discounted item per voucher, but you may use as many vouchers as you like in a single transaction and purchase multiple discounted items in this way. The current list of discounted items (last updated Feb 6th 2024) is:



  • Murders at Karlov Manor Play Booster Box $175
  • Dominaria United Collector Booster Box $260
  • Dominaria Set Booster Box $140
  • The Brothers' War Collector Booster Box $260
  • The Brothers' War Set Booster Box $140
  • Unfinity Draft Booster Box $130
  • Unifinity Collector Booster Box $240
  • 2X2 Collector Booster Pack (ENG/JPN) $65
  • 2X2 Collector Booster Box (ENG/JPN) $250
  • Commander Collection: Black (Foil) $80


  • Round the Table $75 (CTGH pickup)
  • HP1 Blitz Deck $10 (CTGH pickup)
  • Monarch Blitz Deck $10 (CTGH pickup)
  • Tales of Aria Blitz Deck $10 (CTGH pickup)
  • Dusk to Dawn Booster Box $120
  • Everfest Booster Box $125
  • Welcome to Rathe (unlimited) Booster box $140 (NEW)


  • Paradox Rift Booster Box $160
  • Paradox Rift ETB $65
  • Obsidian Flames Booster Box $175
  • Brilliant Stars ETB $70
  • Shiny Treasures ex $85


  • 5% off Games Haven website singles
  • KMC Perfect size sleeves 3 for $15
  • $5 off Regional Championship Qualifier Entry

Please take note that discounted purchases made via voucher redemption in this way do not qualify for further stamps

This list will be updated throughout the year every now and then, so if the current items on the list do not particularly catch your eye, don't worry too much! The items might just change when you're least expecting it!