Strictly Better (Magic Minigame) [Streets of New Capenna Minigame]

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Set: Streets of New Capenna Minigame
Type: Card
Rarity: Common
3-6 Players | 3-6 Packs | 15 minutes

Some cards are strong in Standard, others shine in Draft, but which card looks the tastiest? Take turns being the Judge and decide which Magic card is the best of the best in each wacky category.

Randomly determine who will be the first Judge. Each player then opens a pack, removes any cards without Magic card backs, and looks at their cards.

The Judge chooses a category from the list on the back of this card (either their favorite or at random). The other players each secretly submit a card from their pack that they think fits the category.
When the Judge has collected all th cards, they reveal each card, read it aloud, then choose the winner.
The Judge role then passes to the next player, and they select a different category.

The first player to win three categories is the winner!
1. Best hideout
2. First pick in Draft
3. Grossest
4. Best hat or hair
5. Best documentary title
6. Weirdest crime
7. Most dramatic
8. Most suave
9. Best singer
10. Worst liar
11. Next big influencer
12. Best brawler
13. Best pet
14. Loudest
15. The next Planeswalker
16. Most luxurious
17. Best romance novel title
18. Fastest driver
19. Best win condition
20. Cutest
21. Best heist codename
22. Worst way to die
23. Best flavor text
24. Best getaway plan
25. Most suspicious
26. The boss's favorite
27. Best eyewear or makeup
28. Tastiest
29. Most explosive
30. Most useful spell
31. Best jazz song name
32. Worst job
33. Most wanted
34. Best nickname
35. Least trustworthy

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