The GH 1K Series

The 1K Series is our hallmark event, and all our events orbit around it. But what is it?

The 1K Series is a series of monthly events we hold with a total prize pool for the Top 8 of SGD1000. Before the emergence of COVID-19, our 1K Series events were monthly store-filling events and because we often changed formats each month, we had a wide variety of supporters and patrons of the event. Now, with COVID-19 space restrictions limiting what we can do with in-store play, we have built a different approach to the 1K Series. Under the old system, qualification for the 1K Series event could be obtained whenever you performed well across a month-long qualifying season. Currently, we have built a multi-layered feeder system so that small pods of players may feed into the final pod of 8 who qualify for that month's 1K Series event.

This is a brief elaboration of how one may qualify for the 1K Series event. At the same time, the event calendar for the current month is also on this page (the 1K Series event for the March qualifying month is in April - we have always staggered the playoff date for the 1K Series event in this manner so that we are always free to have a qualifying season that lasts for 1 entire month).

^^The event calendar for the April qualifying season ^^

^^The 1K Series event for the April qualifying season^^